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Girl cakes

2tier Ariel

2tier Camp Rock

2tier Disney Princesses

2tier Fairy castle cake

2tier HSM cake

2tier Hannah Montana

2tier Hawaiian cake

2tier Hello Kitty and candy

2tier Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

2tier Tinkerbell

3d Bratz

3d Castle cake

3d Handbag cake on square

3d Ladybug

3d Strawberries

3d Teddybear

3d Toadstool cake

3tier Barbie Musketeer cake

3tier Candy Cake

3tier Castle cake

Ariel cake on square

Ballerina cake

Barbie Fairytopia

Barbie Mariposa

Bee cake

Beehive cake

Bratz picture cake


Castle and tower cake

Crown and wand cake

Crown cake

Dalmation cake

Doll cake on round base

Doll cake on square

Dora and friends

Dora the Explorer

Enchanted castle

Fairies in a garden

Fairy cake

HM Guitar cake on square

HSM cake

Heart shaped cake

Hello Kitty

Marie the Cat

Mermaid on square

Minnie Mouse

My little pony

New Strawberry Shortcake

Number cake in plastic icing

Old Strawberry Shortcake

Painted doll cake on square

Pamper cake


Pink & Lilac Doll cake

Pink Barbie on square

Princess cake

Shaped Tinkerbell


Slumber party


Snow white

Strawberry Shortcake hat

Teapot cake with mouse


Teddybear cake

Tinkerbell cake

Topsy Turvy Bee cake

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